33rd NEW YEAR ROCK FESTIVAL in Shanghai 2005-2006

Yes Club, Shanghai, China

Now, what ROCK can do!
Shanghai - Tokyo -Seoul Three country holdiing simultaneously.

Message from Yuya UCHIDA

Now, what ROCK can do!

It past 25 years from John Lennon was shot in New York!
It past 33 years from “New Year Rock Festival” started with the message of “It is not only the festival KOHAKU*!.
(* NHK’s popular music TV program of year end. Japanese people love to watch this program. But it is a little bit strange that all of the people watch same TV program at the year end. Therefore we started this ROCK FESTIVAL!)”.
Japanese “Rock”? Japanese “Pops”? Japanese “New Music”? Japanese language’s Rock? Japanese “Folk”? What “Japanese something” did do?
The volunteer, the conflict between different races, the difference of religions, protest to the war, and the wonder to oneself.
Bob Dylan’s “BLOWING IN THE WIND!,” Bob Marley’s protest songs! Bob Geldof’s “WE ARE THE WORLD”.
I never say do same things.
But! Our Japanese music scene is lacking in something!
Something is strange!
Something I want to do!
Now Rockers are gathering around me. “Exactly the only one concert in the world!”
Dec. 31, 2005 ? Jan. 1, 2006.
Cross the border! If you want to laugh, just laugh!
It is decided to hold “Shanghai”, “Tokyo”, and “Seoul” at the same time!!
In the storm of anti-Japanese feeling.....
Now, what ROCK can do!
“China”, “Japan”, and “Korea”, these 3 countries ROCKERS will “Count Down” and do original ROCK simultaneously! “We hope the peace!”
Prim Minster Jun-ichiro KOIZUMI, HELLO! HELLO!
I appreciate ONO Yoko-san and others who gave help to our concert!

Yuya Uchida

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