ROLLING HALL, Seoul, Korea


Message from Yuya UCHIDA

In 1973, "CAROL" "FUNNY COMPANY" "Sadistic Mika Band,” and so on, the concert was started with only a few band continue to 21st century from 20th century. It overcomes many difficulties and celebrated the 37th anniversary!
From the 2000s, it advances outside the country with a theme and it changed the title "NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL!". This year it would be held in TOKYO, Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles, Toronto, and “the New Orleans” which was our wish! Under the policy of "Rock’n’Roll is the exactly International," we musicians will on 6 stages in 5 countries with the slogan of "STOP global warming!," "STOP WAR!," "STOP NUKES!."
Before down of December 8, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor! It damaged US and the World War II began!
This war lasted four years, and Guadalcanal, Saipan, Iwo Jima, OKINAWA ?and the mainland had received air raid. After that, "HIROSHIMA" "NAGASAKI" the first atomic bombing in human history! We faced the end of the war, and August 15, 1945, the surrender signing ceremony was held on the battleship "Missouri!"
War dead was more than 3 million! My brother who was the student of Hitotsubashi University also went to the battlefield by student mobilization! I like HAWAII islands! It was around 1969, I stopped on the way back from NEW YORK, I was enchanted by this island.
When I arrive to WAIKIKI, I always prayed toward the horizon.
Before the war, many people from “Okionawa” and “Hiroshima” took hard work as immigrant worker and they worked in pinery patiently!
They say “Aloha shirt” was born from odds and ends of Japanese kimono.
From “Korea” and from “China”, a lot of people have had put their dreams on new islands as immigrant. Now it became the days of fourth generations.
In Waikiki the youth in bikini are hanging around cheerfully.
“Children who doesn’t know war”…
I felt huge impact from the magnificent nature of Hawaii islands!
Lava of “Kilauea” was suddenly appeared for the continuous giant forest.
And it looks the symbolic of the earth’s future! "STOP global warming!"
I ran desolate lava road by bike for two days!
In silence with having a walking stick! I challenged skydiving for the first time!
I walked around looking for big wave of Waimea and North Shore for a few days!
It was severe shooting than New York, Los Angeles, and Niagara!
I have scarcely fainted for 7 minutes in last scene.
And I repeated "Rock'n'Roll is Crazy but it is Beautiful!" again and again.
Last few years I have pray at "Pearl Harbor". I am stay away from "Arizona". 68 years have passed.
Who on earth wished to start wars?
I appreciate senior, friend, and staff who supported our concert!!!

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