MAO SHANGHAI, Shanghai, China


Message from Yuya UCHIDA

In 1973, the concert of only a few bands such as "CAROL" "Funny Company" "Sadistic Mika Band,” and so on started and it continues to 21st century from 20th century.
It overcame many difficulties and celebrated “the 38th anniversary!”
From the 2000s, it advanced outside Japan with a theme and it had the new title "NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL!". This year it is going to be held in TOKYO, Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and London.
Having the concert in London has been our special dream! Under the policy, "Rock’n’Roll is International," we musicians will be on stages in 5 countries with the slogan "STOP global warming!," "STOP WAR!," "STOP NUKES!."
Before the dawn of December 8, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor! It damaged US and the World War II began!
This war lasted four years. Guadalcanal, Saipan, Iwo Jima, OKINAWA ?and the mainland received the air raids. After that, "HIROSHIMA" "NAGASAKI" the first atomic bombing in human history! We faced the end of the war on August 15, in 1945, and the surrender signing ceremony was held on the battleship "Missouri"!
More than 3 million people died! My brother who was the student of Hitotsubashi University also went to the battlefield!
In November 23, 2010, North Korea bombarded Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea. The tension ran!
In September 7, 2010, the Chinese fishing boat crashed into the Japanese patrol boat intentionally.
It left a big scar between China and Japan, thus intensifying anti-Japanese movement!
Everybody said the concert in "Shanghai" was no way!
6 years ago, although it was the year of anti-Japanese movement of South Korea and China, we had this “NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL.”
If there was any difficult situation, “Rock’n’Roll would cross the border and would change the culture!”
Under this strong policy the musicians of 6 bands in Shanghai and 8 bands in Seoul will perform on the stage with the slogan of “STOP WAR! STOP GLOBAL WARMING! STOP NUKES!”
The tension rises in East Asia now, so we want to bring some little changes!
In New Orleans, J. YAMAGISHI who is a Japanese great guitarist will play!
And in London, KUMA HARADA and 3 bands will play in East End which is the latest spot!
KUMA resides and has performed in London for 30 years!
In Tokyo, FLOWER TRAVELLIN’ BAND will come back to Ginza Hakuhinkan after 7 years absence.
And MASAHIRO KUWANA, HAKURYU, HIRO KAIKI GESSHOKU, SHEENA & ROKETS who are the original members of the concert will rally and play with the new comers!
Now the world is seriously sick!
"NYWRF" is the one and the only concert in the world.
The 2011 concert which is the 38th anniversary, we sincerely wish the global peace, prosperity, and "Coexistence".
“Tokyo!,” “Shanghai,” “Seoul,” “New Orleans,” and “London.”
We do believe something is born from a small power!

I appreciate the seniors, my friends, and staff members who support our concert!!!.

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